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Our Passions

MotherEarth Inc. is a Family Owned and Operated All Natural Skin Care Company created with two passions in mind.

*Create all natural skin care SAFE from harsh chemicals, unnecessary harmful preservatives and free of toxins.

*Reduce our footprint on our home Mother Earth by using Eco-Friendly & Recycled packaging.

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Absolutely fell in love with this product the moment I applied it! The scrub is extrmely light and gentle yet i could feel it easily lift the rough skin off my face. I've battled slight hormonal acne since having kids and I'm really excited about the results from this product!(Activated Charcoal Face Scrub)

Tricia B.

I’m surprised of the effectiveness of this hand soaps. The smell in my hands after cooking or after cutting ingredients especially garlic and onions or when I eat Crabs and Crawfish it’s gone. After i use this All Natural-Organic Hand Soap in only one wash the odor is gone! My hands are clean and it smells good too! Unlike other hand soap, even if i wash my hands again and again the odor is still there...(Lavender Foaming Hand Soap)

Monina C.

THE SCRUB OF A LIFETIME. The Unrefined Coconut Oatmeal Body scrub delivers such an amazing scrub without leaving my skin greasy but keeping it hydrated at the same time! The smell is so amazing, and it has become a favorite of MotherEarth Inc.

Candance Y.

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