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Our New Mineral Makeup Line Shop Now
Cover your face in luxury clay and organic herbs Shop Now
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Welcome To MotherEarth

Sharing eco tips, nontoxic living, healthy eats and life as a mom, wife and small business owner. Encourage you to live a toxic free lifestyle while bringing you skin beauty created with your skin and our planet in mind. Allow us to be your reminder that self care is not selfish. Take a moment each day to embrace self love, me time if you will and don't forget that you are beautiful :) Start ditching the toxins today with our Foaming Hand Wash. Always sulfate and paraben free.

What everyone is Saying

5 Stars! I have this pupps rash from pregnancy and it's been so bad with itchiness and pain. I have tried other lotion and coconut oil but they burned so bad. Your Body Butter is the only thing that has not burned and has lasted all day! (Body Love)

Scarlett L.

5 Stars! I love the smell of this hand soap! Its a light lavender scent with hints of vanilla. My boyfriends favorite scent actually! I love that the soap is foam and it leaves me feeling really clean but not stripped and dry. (Lavender Hand Wash)

Shae T.

5 Stars! This is the best product I have ever found. I love the Body Butter as soon as one jar is done I order two more so I will never be with out. Must have (Body Love)

Chris M.

In our Journals

Clean Beauty | What's Inside Mineral Makeup

Our Mineral Makeup is only created with clean safe mineral pigments. Mineral Makeup is safer because most traditional makeup's have dyes, fragrances and/or harsh chemicals that can damage or irritate skin. Not to mention, traditional foundations are more likely to clog pores resulting in unwanted acne. The ingredients might seem scary but I will explain them so you can understand there is nothing scary about it.

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Family | November Recap

November was a busy one for us and this month is turning out to be just as busy. Between getting dental visits in, yearly physicals and eye appointments, we had to celebrate Thanksgiving, Cambree's 6th birthday and my Mother-in-Law moving in. If that wasn't enough, we released our new mineral makeup line on Black Friday!

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Non-Toxic Wellness | What Bacteria is in Your Skin Care Products

You might be asking yourself how much bacteria can really get into my products? A two year research study was done on looking at cultures from tester bottles in department stores to see what was growing inside. Sit down its nasty, they found staph, strep, and E. coli inside all the products. 

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