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Experience simple skin care crafted only using naturally derived and plant based ingredients. 

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Our Passions

MotherEarth Inc. is a Family Owned Organic Skin Care Company created with two passions in mind.

*Create skin care products that are SAFE from harsh chemicals, unnecessary harmful preservatives and free of toxins.

*Not to do unnecessary harm to the planet! We use Green Friendly & recycled packaging.

Our Motto is in the name "If it doesn't naturally come from Mother Earth we don't use it!"

We are 100% Handcrafted ~ Cruelty Free ~ Natural ~ Organic ~ Vegan ~ Green Friendly

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Read What Others are Saying

Absolutely fell in love with this product the moment I applied it! The scrub is extrmely light and gentle yet i could feel it easily lift the rough skin off my face. I've battled slight hormonal acne since having kids and I'm really excited about the results from this product!(Activated Charcoal Face Scrub)

Tricia B.

I used this product once and I immediately fell in love. My face felt so smooth afterwards. I ordered my mom one for Christmas! She will love it!( Activated Charcoal Face Scrub)

Scarlett L.

My legs were so dry and itchy and after using the pink himalayan body scrub they are so soft and smooth!

Patricia D.