5 Eco-Friendly Health & Beauty Options

Looking for more eco-friendly items in your health and beauty department that will reduce the waste and also benefit your health. Grab you favorite drink, a pen and paper and let's get down to business!

1. Toothbrush

Even though toothbrushes are small wastes, they are still plastic waste non the less. With about 7.6 billion people in the world, that little waste doesn't seem so little after all. Replacing your plastic toothbrush with bamboo is the way to go. Bamboo is biodegradable, grown naturally and harvested sustainable and also is antimicrobial, therefor your handle will not grow bacteria. Check them out at Heart Stiches on etsy.

Bamboo Toothbrush - MotherEarth Inc.

2. Cotton Balls and Pads

Yes, you may purchase organic cotton balls and pads but you are still producing waste. Almost always do they come packaged in plastic and even if you are able to find them in a box there is still waste going into the landfills. Take a moment and lets do a little math. If you wash your face twice a day and apply a toner to your skin, that is two cotton balls or pads a day. Not to mention if you need to remove make up or are using them for a scrap. We will just go with two a day for this math. Two cotton balls or pads a day equals about 60, most organic cotton balls come in 100 packs at about four to seven dollars a pack. Doing the math real quick you will spend anywhere between $16.00 and $28.00 a year. Replacing them with washable facial rounds not only saves you money in the long run, but you are producing no extra waste. Heart Stiches have so many washable option they are a must check out. 

Cloth Facial Pads - MotherEarth Inc.

3. MakeUp Brushes

Your makeup brushes are either real fur from animals(horrible) or synthetic. Synthetic is the choice you are looking for. Vegan and synthetic makeup brush are hypoallergenic, less expensive and will not effect you finished look. Eco-Tools are eco-friendly and budget approved. Their handles are created out of renewable bamboo and other recycled materials. They are PETA certified, meaning they are 100% cruelty free and vegan and they use 70% of plant ingredients in there sponges. You can purchase their daily kit that comes with five brushes for only $12.99. Check them out here.

Eco Tools Makeup Brushes - MotherEarth Inc.

4. Razors

About 32 percent of all plastic products end up in the ocean. Have you seen the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It's beyond mind blowing and incredibly sad how much plastic is polluting our oceans. Each year over two billion plastic razors are thrown away and only a small amount of them actually make it to the landfills. Swapping your plastic razors for a safety razor allows you to produce only a very tiny amount of waste from the razor blade. If a safety razor isn't your cup a tea not to worry, Preserve created razors from recycled yogurt cups. Reducing the waste one yogurt cup at a time. Check them out here.

Preserve Razor - MotherEarth Inc.


5. Feminine Products

More then 70 percent of women in America use tampons. On average you will go through about 11,000 to 16,000 tampons in your lifetime. Like many of you, I never thought twice about what my feminine products were made out. You may be shocked to learn that non organic tampons contain harmful chemicals such as phthalats, petroleum, wood fibers, parabens, aluminum salt, fragrances and bleach just to name a few. Yes, you read that correctly it says Bleach. These chemicals among others have been linked to cancer, infections, vaginal dryness and hormonal disturbance. After all the FDA does not require the menstrual hygiene products manufacturers to disclose the ingredients used in their products. Putting your vagina health at the top of your health list even if it is only once month is so important, especially since your vagina is the most absorbent part of your whole body. Switching to organic cotton products is the best options. Organic tampons are biodegradable and hypoallergenic keeping your vagina from becoming irritated and dry. Are you ready to ditch your box of chemicals? I have already ditched mine and never had to go to the store. Yes, I got 16 organic tampons delivered to my door. Mia Organics is who have made that possible. Your tampons arrive in this super cute biodegradable tube and a little pouch for when you are on the go. When subscribing with them you become an angle sponsor. Mia Organic donates to those in need of feminine products with every subscription. Purchasing with them not only helps you from having to not got to store, but you are also helping the earth and supporting other women! If you are in need of feminine pads check out Lilli Pads.

Organic Tampons - MotherEarth Inc.

Hopefully you are ready to make the first steps to living more eco-friendly. Baby steps are better then no steps. If you are looking for more eco-friendly options be sure to check out 5 Budget Friendly Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly. I would love to hear from your! Out of this list, what is one thing that you are going to start with? 

Hello welcome to MotherEarth Journal, I am Channon founder, creator and blogger at MotherEarth Inc. Encouraging you to live the best possible life without destroying our planet in the process! Real talk, honest reviews & educational information. Let's save our planet one swap at a time!

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