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My Top Eight Must Have Natural Products

Living a not so eco-friendly lifestyle for almost 28 years of my life I can honestly say it has been so eye opening that I have made it my mission to bring awareness about using organic skin care, living an eco conscious lifestyle and eat a well balanced organic diet. After going through products that I didn't like, or didn't work, these are my top eight must have natural products that I still continue to purchase!

Household Cleaner

Force of Nature Cleaner is my absolute favorite. I have used it over a year and have continued to purchase their capsules. The cleaner is just as effective as bleach with studies to show, and is only made from three ingredients. You mix there capsules that are filled with salt, sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid with water, place on base, push start you will have a cleaner ready in under 5 mins. This cleaner can be used on just about everything, works wonderfully without leaving any harsh residue behind and is safe for your health and our environment. Find out more about them here.

Feminine Care Products 

As soon as I learned about the horrors in non organic feminine care products I have never gone back. Non-organic feminine pads are filled with insecticides, phthalates, bleach and fragrances. With the vaginal area being 10 x's more absorbent than your mouth, those chemicals are introduced into your body almost immediately. The FDA does not regulate feminine product companies to disclose what goes into them. Swap out your non-organic feminine pads with hypoallergenic, biodegradable, breathable and made with certified organic cotton from Lilli-Pads Organic Feminine Care. Be sure to check them out here, they also offer Organic tampons and a subscription option. 


You may have heard about the recent discovery of bleached reefs due to chemicals in sunscreen. Looking through the pictures, it is completely devastating. While Hawaii has become the first state to ban non-reef safe sunscreen, it is going to take the complete sale of chemical sunscreen to be banned to really help. Raw Elements is the only sunscreen that you should be reaching for! Not only are they chemical free, but they are also certified Organic and Reef Safe. Raw Elements have sunscreen for all your needs. Check them out here.

Skin Care Products

Your skin acts like giant sponge, absorbing everything put on it as well as everyday environmental factors. The chemicals and toxins are absorbed into you body and are damage to your skin and health. Skin care products from MotherEarth Inc. are always chemical free, non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan friendly, organic and natural. Experience what clean, plant based and naturally sourced skin care feels like. Shop Now

Cotton Rounds

I have not purchased a bag of cotton rounds or balls in over two years! Even though they produce a small waste, it is waste non the less. Switching to washable organic cotton rounds have been wonderful. I use them to apply my facial toner and remove nail polish. Store them in an Empty MotherEarth Jar or any glass jar you have and keep them under your sink or in your linen closet.  Get yours today at Marleys Monsters.

Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are filled with synthetic chemicals designed to stay on your clothes and your skin. If you were to replace you car exhaust with your dryer exhaust your care would not pass emissions testing. Using wool dryer balls is your best option. They are non-toxic, reduce landfill waste, reduce drying time and you will never have to buy dryer sheets again. If you like scented laundry add a few drops of essential oils onto the balls and toss in dryer. Another tip is to fight static try not to over dry and place a few big safety pins in to a sock tied and add with clothes in dryer. 

Essential Oils

I have fallen in love with essential oils like I never thought I would! They have been my go to before heading to the doctor or medicine cabinet. My must have essential oils are Organic Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree Oil, Clove, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. They all can be used in a diffuser, house care, skin care, body care, health and wellness. Almost when purchasing essential oils be positive they are 100% pure and certified organic. My favorite place to order essential oils from is Mountain Rose Herbs, check them out here. Mountain Rose Herbs has great starter sets helping you get started with finding what you like. I also recommend purchasing The Portable Essential Oils book by Anne Kennedy and it available for your kindle. 

I am still working on finding favorites and will most be defiantly be sharing when I find more must have natural products. Give yourself time to adjust and find the products that work or you. Do you have any must have natural product? Please share with us we would love to hear what you like! 


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