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Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning Guide

Midwest living usually means that from October through beginning of April windows and doors are shut due to the cold. When the temps get into the 50's its time to open the windows and start a deep spring clean. The smell of fresh air in a home after months is this incredible scent that will have you sleeping like a baby that night, trust me! Now I think spring cleaning got it's name a long time ago because when you deep clean usually it requires heavy chemicals and fresh air is necessary. Now what if I told you that you can deep clean with non toxic product's and have the windows up just for fresh air not for the overwhelming chemical smell. Below you will find my top non-toxic cleaning products that are natural, actually work, kill bacteria and leave your home sparkling clean. 

All Purpose Natural Cleaner 

Force of Nature

When I say all purpose cleaner this cleaner truly means it. Force of Nature can be used on virtually any surface – sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, tile, plastic, rubber & colorfast rugs. It kills odors at the source in sports gear, cat litter, trash cans & diaper pails. It’s also an EPA registered disinfectant. Killing 99.9% of germs including salmonella, Norovirus, MRSA, Staph, Influenza A, Listeria & Pseudomonas. It is also able to tackle grease, grime, sticky messes, soap scum, odors & germs as effectively as bleach. Force of Nature cleaner uses no fragrances or dyes earning the highest possible rating by the Mayo Clinic’s SkinSAFE organization and is designated as 100% Top Allergen-Free. Not only will you take less time cleaning only having to have one product in your hand, you can know that you are not using harmful chemical and am reducing the waste of plastic in our landfills. You simple fill the bottle that is in the started kit with tap water, add the capsule of cleaning solution, place onto device and push start. The light will be blue and the count down clock will begin, once done remove the bottle and pour the cleaning solution into the bottle provided or a glass spray bottle of your choice.

This cleaner has truly changed my cleaning for the better. I am able to keep the cleaner in one hand, rag in the other and clean my home from top to bottom without swapping cleaners or inhaling harmful toxins. I also know that once I spray the cleaner my kids are not inhaling those harsh chemicals, the air is not becoming harmful and my skin is not being harmed. This cleaner will change your life and keep more green in your wallet. After you purchase the started kit, refills are $19.99 for 25 capsules, that is less then a dollar a bottle of cleaner. Right now they you can get any the Extra Value Bundle Starter Set for $40 off plus free shipping using code SAVEBIG40 at check out, click here and start cleaning safer today! Hurry in offers ends Oct. 31 11:59 pm. 


When doing windows I would definitely recommend washing them first with dish soap, water and rag to remove any dirt or residue from commercial glass cleaners. Once you have washed and dried the window you can use your glass cleaner and a microfiber rag and clean your windows. If you have any old newspapers or t-shirts those make great glass cleaner rags also. Try your best to not use paper towels. Now let's talk cleaners, the two options I use are the Force of Nature Cleaner or my DIY Glass Cleaner. They both work great so the choice is totally yours. For the DIY recipe you will need to gather a few ingredients and a glass bottle. I'm sure you have all you need already in your kitchen.

DIY Glass Cleaner Recipe

Makes 8 oz

1 Cup Filter or distilled water

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

3-5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil (Optional)

Pour all ingredients into your glass spray bottle, twist on top and shake the bottle. Place a piece of tape with the date you made it and throw away after 14 days. You can reuse glass bottle and find a spray top like the ones here, or purchase these beautiful clear glass bottles with white spray tops here

Tough Hard Water Build Up and Carpet Stain Remover

Branch Basics: Oxygen Boost

This cleaner is the perfect addition to your non toxic cleaner list. Always made without bleach, ammonia, dyes, and fragrances. Not only can you use it to get ride of you soap scum or water build up, it can be used in your laundry, as a stain pre-treatment and pre-soaking. While you are getting there oxygen boost I would recommend grabbing yourself there laundry kit and get the laundry concentrate, oxygen boost and an empty bottle for you to store your made laundry soap. Buy your kit to non toxic laundry here 

Now you should be able to tackle all your spring cleaning as well as everyday life with these non toxic cleaners. Do you have any cleaning products you absolutely love or are curious about how to clean something else, leave me a comment below and I will get back to you right away!

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