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Good morning, I have wanted to post this blog for a while and I would write it and delete it only to do repeat the process again. Today is the day I finally am going to post this one! I have been making the transition into greener living for almost three years and being honest I am still swapping items. While I was in the beginning of my journey I became very overwhelmed, mostly because I would try a green product and they wouldn't work like I was used to. I felt like the talk about how natural products really don't work was becoming more a realization then I wan't to admit. Bound and determined to find products I began to follow organic lifestyle bloggers, after weeding out the ones that are just posting for free stuff with no real belief behind their words, I found a few that had honest reviews and I felt confidant trying a product they suggest.

After a few months, I started to see the real side of them, never would they respond to a message or comment, their blog pages would have advertisements that their lifestyle does not support and half of the products they suggest are because they will get a kickback after you make a purchase. The last thing that I felt is they would preach that when making the switch, the only way to do it is 100% anything else isn't right. Now let's be honest, can you afford to replace everything in your house including mattresses, sheets, blankets, towels, clothes, furnishings etc. at once. I know that we cannot, that is why we have chosen to go green with every thing that needs to be replaced, except going organic with the food. Our food is 80% clean 20% real life because kids are kids, they are going to leave, go to friends sleepovers, sport events at the schools, out and about with friends, parties and life is too short not to have a piece of pizza or cake!

The Cost

This is the biggest thing about going organic is the cost of the items, this is true but you have to look at it a little different to see the cost is worth it. I am a person who likes to see numbers and facts, helping me understand the the cost is really cheaper in the long run. Most organic made items are crafted with high quality clean ingredients allowing them to last longer then a non organic item. The higher quality item may be higher price but the lower quality lower price item will last shorter causing the lower price item to be bought again but now you just bought the same item twice for the combined price to be higher than the higher quality item. Now understand that not all organic is truly clean, always do your research, read real reviews and don't be afraid to reach out to a company and ask questions! If they respond great if they don't ask yourself if you really want to invest your money with a company that can't answer your questions. Here are a few examples of the cost being cheaper in the long run!

  • Sandwich Ziploc Bags Amazon 500 bags - $19.78 
  • Sandwich Ziploc Bags Walmart 280 bags - $8.38
  • Reusable Stasher Sandwich Bag 1 Bag - $11.99
  • Reusable Stasher Bundle includes Sandwich, Snack and Pocket - $27.99
    • Although it may seem like 500 bags is way cheaper than 1 bag but it's not. That one Stasher bag is going to last for as long as you use it and the sandwich bags are single use. If one person takes a lunch 5 days a week for one year with 3 bags in each lunch they would need enough bags for 260 days. 260 x 3 = 780 bags Now you have to buy both the Ziploc bags costing you $28.16 before taxes for just one year. Buying the bundle is cheaper and you don't have to buy them each year. 
    • Our family has 5 people but only four take cold lunch. Kids are in school for 180 days, 3 kids with 3 bags for 180 days equals 1620 bags. Josh works 280 days with 3 bags equaling 840 bags for a combined total of 2460 bags in just one year. We would have to purchase 5 of the 500 bags costing us $98.90 before taxes each year. We made the swap to stasher bags this last year and cost us $59.00 before taxes. Every July they run a 20% off sale in honor of plastic free July so that is when I recommend grabbing them!
  • Paper Towels Bounty 12 double rolls Walmart - $19.88
  • Unpaper Towels Washable 12 pack Marley's Monsters - $30.00
  • Washable Napkins 12 pack Marley's Monsters - $18.00
    • Before I made this switch we were going through 6 rolls of paper towels a week, meaning we were spending $39.76 a month, $477.12 a year just on paper towels. Currently washable towels and napkins are in use and paper towels are used to clean the toilets (because I have germ phobias) and to clean up oily messes. 6 rolls of paper towels last us 7-8 weeks costing only Making the switch to washable towels and napkins cost us $59.64 a year. The washables towels and napkins upfront cost $66 with 1 12 pack of unpaper towels and 2 packs of the napkins. If you join their email list you will receive a code for 15% off your first order, best time to grab them!
  • Bleach Spray Cleaner 32 oz Walmart $3.28 costing $0.10 per oz
  • Seventh Generation Disinfectant Cleaner 26 oz Walmart $3.77 costing $0.15 per oz
  • Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner 16 oz Thrive Market $3.69 costing $0.23 per oz
  • Plant All Purpose Cleaner 22 oz Thrive Market $3.79 costing $0.17 per oz
  • Force of Nature Cleaner Starter Kit with 5 Refill Capsules $89.99 
  • Force of Nature Capsule Refills 12 oz Force of Nature 25 pack $19.99 costing $0.80 per capsule costing $0.07 per oz.
    • This is one of the first swaps I did and haven't went back to toxic cleaners. I was able to get the Force of Nature Starter kit for only $45 using the code below. Force of Nature is my favorite nontoxic cleaner out there, not to mention I can make the cleaner on my counter top, produce very little waste and cost the cheapest around. Third party testing, safe to use around babies, pet, schools and even hospitals! For us one capsule is good for one week of cleaning bringing my total yearly cost for capsule replacements $39.98 with the only waste produced being a small nontoxic capsule. If you were to use Plant cleaner and have the bottle last you two weeks, you would need to purchase 26 bottles costing you $98.54 a year. Spending a lot of money and producing a lot of plastic waste! Get $45 OFF + free Shipping on Starter Kits Use code BYEFLU at Force of Nature. Start the swap today shop here.*
  • That is only a few examples, but if helps to lay it out do that! One of the best ways to save money when switching is purchase when a sale is going on or it's a good promo code. Most companies will run a few sales per year, so it best to join there email list and follow social media. Best time to get sales is July and November!

Umpteen Products that will Suck

Something I wish someone would have told me, most of natural organic products don't hold up to your standards. The hardest products to find for me are Deodorant, Dish Soap, Laundry Soap and Hair Products.

For me dish soap has to be able to cut through grease and not leave a film on the dishes, counter top, table or stove. Not to mention clean! While dish most soaps required a large amount of soap to get the job done, they also wouldn't cut through grease. You know how gross you hand feels reaching for a pan and its greasy, giving myself the chills! Biokleen has been the only dish soap so far to withstand my tests. You can get it online at Thrive Market* its only $3.29 very comparable in price. 

Deodorant has been a struggle, especially with having hormonal problems. The criteria for me on deodorant has to be odor control, wetness control, non staining, last a while and doesn't cause breakouts or irritation. Most of the time I would get irritation from sweating and after shaving. Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream Works for most except the staining. I have purchased the activated charcoal and had a greenish tint staining underarms on the shirts. Not having tried Agent Nectar yet I have come to like Primally Pure Blue Tansy Deodorant. Controls odor, wetness for most of the day and doesn't stain or irritate. Made with clean ingredients they are not vegan friendly. If you are a strong vegan I would recommend trying Agent Nectar or Little Seed Farm depending on your budget. Agent Nectar is $26, Primally Pure $16 and Little Seed Farm $11.99 all before shipping and taxes.

Laundry soap has truly been a frustrating battle, after three or four washes our clothes would not smell clean. I understand I am not looking to smell like perfume, but the clothes need to smell clean. I was able to find two brand that have kept the clothes clean both smelling and stains. Sun and Earth Cirtus Laundry Soap and Biokleen Laundry Soap. You can get Biokleen online through Thrive* coming in at $11.99 for 64 oz and Sun and Earth on their site for $8.95 for 50 oz. If you are ready to make the switch take advantage of 25% off your first Thrive Market* Order, No code needed shop through here*.

Hair products are something I am still working on, have tried tons of natural brands but either left me with a greasy mess, dirty hair or dull, blah hair. Check back because trust me when I find the natural hair gem I will most definitely be sharing it with you!

Lack of Availability

Living where I live in a rural area surrounded by corn fields, fast food and clean living not the normal having selections at the stores are very slim. If organic is an option it is only one option and not always the best choice. Meaning that most of our organic items are purchased online except for our produce, meat and cold items. Every once in awhile Walmart might have something new but very rarely. While shopping is hard, going out to eat is not an option where I live. Not one clean coffee shop, bakery, sandwich shop, smoothie place or restaurant within a 1 hour drive from me offers clean food choices. This means that meal prep and food menus are a must. With a lot of the items online, planning is important, this way you are not paying for shipping more than you need too if paying at all, you can watch for deals and sales purchasing only during those times and keep a check list of items that you run out throughout the month. I honestly don't like for paying for shipping so I always try to purchase using the min amount for free shipping. 

While I have to come to believe that living a clean lifestyle has to be a mindset and a choice that you really want to live clean. I will keep you guys up to date with products I am trying, how I like them and if I would recommend them. I will do all the heavy lifting for you giving you my honest review always! Don't get discouraged when you can't find a product that you like, there are so many on the market just keep trying, I promise you will find your favorite! I am always here to talk with, answer your questions or help you figure out what products are best for your skin! Send me an email, leave me a comment let's start a conversation. Please keep in mind that you choose the life you want to live, if swapping one item at a time is what your budget approves do that, if your budgets approves a complete swap do that, no matter how you start living cleaner all that matters is you made the start! Don't stop, don't give up, let's work together to create a cleaner tomorrow one swap at a time! What are some of your struggles with clean living?

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