January Recap

January Recap | MotherEarth Inc.

First month of a new year & decade and within a blink of an eye, its over! How was your first month of 2020? Usually this is the month where we start new goals, resolutions or diets all to have them stop mid way through February or sooner. What if I told you that it only takes 66 days to create a new habit? 66 days to create a better version of you, 66 days to create better eating habits, 66 days to set a goal and achieve it, 66 days to do anything you want to stop or start doing! I have never been one to set resolutions or diets, but like to set goals for me to achieve! One thing that I do when setting goals is not set an exact deadline, instead setting a certain month or year. When doing this the pressure isn't there if you don't get it when you thought, as long as your making process in the right direction towards that goal that's all that matters!

January was a quite month for us, the weather wasn't the warmest, sun hardly shined and finding fun activities inside has come to a halt. I can't think of many more activities, so I am excited to hear that the ground hog predicted an early spring! While the family front has been quite the business front has expanded and took a turn that I didn't see coming. I will admit that I was a little lost for a while on the direction we needed to go and where I wanted to take MotherEarth. Taking a step back these last few months has allowed a vision to be clearer than ever. The big expansion I am not ready to reveal yet, but let me say it is so exciting and I truly believe this is exactly what you have been looking for! Stay tuned in March for more details about that!

I added a side panel on our blog pages giving you a brief description of me, a picture so that we can become better friends, an easy categories guide and latest articles. We sold out of almost of our product, the first time that has happened and are currently waiting for our supplier to restock the ingredients we need. While I have had a few weeks of down time, it has giving me the opportunity to think on ways to expand the business. One thing I can share with you is how we started a second Instagram account @ToxicFreeMomma sharing all of our blogs, family life, adventures and our families toxic free lifestyle. Honest reviews, product must haves and much more! Our @MotherEarthInc page will turn into strictly products, skin care and beauty tips, I would appreciate your following on both accounts! 

This month we are headed into February and then March which is my Birthday Month! Wanting to get away with my husband for a night is my agenda, but with life and kids we will see. Do you have any fun birthday getaway idea or fun activities you recommend? Tell me below, I would love to talk with you. Also be sure to join our email family, get weekly newsletters with all the latest news happening and be the first to know about deals, sales or giveaways!  Join at the bottom of the page, thank you. Nice chatting with you , have a great February and remember that it only takes 66 days to create a new habit, if you started in January you can finish it! 

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Hello welcome to MotherEarth Journal, I am Channon founder, creator and blogger at MotherEarth Inc. Encouraging you to live the best possible life without destroying our planet in the process! Real talk, honest reviews & educational information. Let's save our planet one swap at a time!

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