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Let's All Make Time

I am sitting here looking at the last week of school for the boys' and it has made me appreciate this time just a little extra this year. It finally hit me that the last week of school might be more emotional than the first day. As I send the boys' to school with extra bags to bring all their stuff home plus the pile of hoodies that were missing all year magical show up, I look down at Cambree and realized that these were going to be the last few days it will be just her and momma. Looking up at me with a confused look, my eyes began to fill with tears as it hit me she is going to start kindergarten in the Fall. Not only will she be in kindergarten Caden will be in 7th grade and Conner will be in 4th grade. Kids truly grow up in a blink of an eye, time is a precious thing and I will admit we all take it for granted from time to time. Famous words that one will always say is "I will start ___ when ___ is in place" or "There is always next year, or next time" How many time have you said any one of those statements to yourself?

As a stay at home mom that operates a business and manages the household I am exhausted by 8 pm nightly and weekend, what weekend? Not complaining by an means but doing nothing on the weekends, is a myth. Saturday's consist of bedding washing, dog washing, weed pulling and Sunday's mean more laundry, meal prep and getting ready for the week. Thinking about adding a vacation to the mix feels like so much extra stress. Between finding someone to watch the dogs at the house, booking and planning the vacation, move up the washing so it's done before we leave, pack and make sure everything is set. Who else feel's the same way?

Here in Somonauk, IL our kids have about 74 days of summer break, 5 days of Thanksgiving break, 15 days of winter break and 7 days of spring break. Besides weekends they are in school for the rest of the days for minimum 18 years. Once they are 18 no matter how close you may be as a family, it is time for them to start exploring the world. Instead of looking back and saying I wish we would have done this or that, start saying yes today. This summer I challenge you to have the most memorable summer you and your family have ever had. 

Allow yourself to not break the bank but make memories that you can look back on and talk about years later. Spending money, going on a vacation or leaving the house is not a requirement. The most memorable thing you can do is be present and participate. Everyday have the family do one activity together, it can be board game, playing outside, riding bikes, going on a walk, playing video games, watch a movie, playing in the hose or pool, playing hide n seek, anything that you and your family would enjoy. Once in a spontaneous moment get the family in the car and go get ice cream, discover a local forest preserve, check out local farmers markets, or find a close beach within 2 - 3 hours if possible and spend the day at the beach. Pack a cooler filled with drinks, lunch and snacks, grab your swim suits', beach towels', chairs', collapsible wagon, beach tent, toys', sunscreen and create a no phone rule, only for taking pictures or directions if getting lost. I mean getting lost is totally possible for us between the road construction, road closures, and not having an updated map are our path may have obstetrical, but as my dance teacher used to say on our way to dance conventions or competitions "we are never lost, we are just taking a detour!" 

I must admit getting lost sometimes allows you to discover something so neat, that you would have missed otherwise. Maybe this year one of your adventures could be going somewhere new, not using any GPS. You can print the directions from MapQuest like I remember doing growing up or get real chancy and use a paper map. No matter what you choose to do to making memories is completely up to you and your family, but whatever you choose be sure to be present and take lots of candid photos. Those usually turn out to be the best, especially for creating memories. Life is a very precious thing so let's all choose to forgive, move forward and make life worth it. Are you going to choose to have a memorable summer this year? Leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear how you and your family plan on creating memories this summer. Also stay tuned for our summer activity guide coming out later in June.



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