November Recap

Can you believe we have almost made it through another year in what felt like a blink of the eye! November was a busy one for us and this month is turning out to be just as busy. Between getting dental visits in, yearly physicals and eye appointments, we had to celebrate Thanksgiving, Cambree's 6th birthday and my Mother-in-Law moving in. If that wasn't enough, we released our new mineral makeup line on Black Friday!

All three of the kids had zero cavities during there dental visits meaning that our natural toothpaste and mouth wash are doing there job. During the eye appointment, Cambree was the only one that will be getting glasses. She is excited to pick them out, as I am excited that she will be able to see the board. We are hoping they have glitter frames because she loves glitter, fingers crossed we go back at the beginning of December. During the physicals, all were in good health except Conner. He has been dealing with strep for years, and when he gets it he gets it. Thankfully we are having his tonsils removed later in the December, helping him not have to suffer any longer.

The tonsils have been a long time coming, he suffers from strep over 5 times a year and ends up in the hospital every time. Last year he was put in the hospital for 3 days because he ended up getting a bacterial infection in his lymph nodes, mono and strep all at the same time. Definitely was a scary moment when the ER nurse come in and said we have just called for an ambulance to transfer him to Lurie Children's Hospital because his air ways were becoming compromised from the swelling of the tonsils and lymph nodes. He thought the ambulance ride was so cool and when we arrived at the Hospital, his room was all set up with video games, toys and board games. Children's does such a good job at making the kids feel as comfortable as possible during scary times. Each day they also have activities for all the patients and have people going room to room sharing magic tricks, puppy visit, music fun and so much more. After he started to feel better he didn't want to leave, lol. It was an adventure for sure, but so grateful everything turned out to be okay. 

Cambree's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year so we celebrated with her friends the Saturday before and then had a family party on Thanksgiving. The theme for her friends party was Beauty and the Beast Princess Tea Party and it turned out so cute! I created the flowers out of cray paper and experimented with a balloon arch that actually turned out, it is way easier than it looks I promise. The part that is most time consuming is the inflating and tie of the balloons. Everyone she invited showed up and all had a great time!

Cambree Turned 6 | MotherEarth Inc.

Thanksgiving was very nice and we got to enjoy it with family. My parents came down which is a first! They have never been to a Thanksgiving at our house ever, it's been over 10 years! We all had a great time, made lasting memories and celebrated Cambree birthday. To round out the month my Mother-In-Law moved in with us. I know what you might be thinking but really it's no burden on us. She has a good relationship with me making it an easy transition. The kids love it as they get to see there Nanna everyday and Josh and I have adjusted easy. Last bit of November was all about our New Mineral Makeup Line! I am so excited that I finally was able to release the makeup line that I have been working on for over a year. You can check it our here. As November ended I look over the month and find the happy moment and take in all that we accomplished. Getting ready for the last month of the year and trying to enjoy every moment as if it were my last. I can't wait to see what December turns out to be like but I am hoping for happy memories, love, kindness and patients. Kids seem to be extra excited with Christmas right around the corner, who else's kids always seem extra in December?

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