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Our Day at Raging Waves Water Park

Summer is almost over fall is just around the corner and then it is all going to be about pumpkin spice, scarfs and indoor activities. Especially if you live in the north west, freezing isn't fun to stand around in. That only leaves late spring and summer to really get outdoors and enjoy summer activities. Water Park's have been something I have been going to since I was very little and have continued the tradition with our family. Our family loves the Wisconsin Dells, but going is not always an option for us, between the three hour drive to get there, work schedule's and funds. Finding out they were opening an outdoor water park in Yorkville, IL only 20 mins from us, we were super excited. We can continue that tradition of going to a water park each year and only have to travel 20 mins, not bad.

After going for so many years I think it is safe to say I have done a lot of research! I have the low down on ways to get the most out of your Raging Waves Day. Arriving before they open is a must, not only will there already be a line, opening is the best time to hit the big slides before the lines become super long. Cabana Raging Waves | MotherEarth Inc.Once inside you have the choice to rent a locker for $15 keeping all your belongings safe,or find lounge chairs and hope nobody steals from you or rent a cabana. Renting a cabana is my favorite way to enjoy the park. Be sure to rent the cabana a head of time online so you can be sure to reserve one. When you rent a cabana you choose the location of where you want to be and you will get a server to take your food and drink orders until 3pm, lounge chairs, table and chairs, mini fridge, a complementary food basket with fruit, rice crispy treats, cookies and 12 bottles of water. 

Once we are settled in at our Cabana we grab a tube and float down the lazy river to the other side of the park to ride the big water slides. Caden and Josh head over to the first water slide of the day The Boomerang. They have a watching Boomerang Raging Waves | MotherEarth Inc.bridge so Cambree, Conner and myself wait until they come shooting out having just a blast. Now that we want to include everyone we head over to The Three Sister. Having to carry your own tube up and it being a two person tube, everyone went up and I stayed down so I could take pictures. After all this was goingThree Sister Raging Waves | MotherEarth Inc. to be Cambree's very first big water slide, definitely wanted to get that moment captured. I waited for what seemed like for ever but it was only 10 mins, lol there they all came screaming with giant smiles on all four of their faces. Cambree absolutely loved the slide and they went down a few more times, trying all three of them. They even said the green one has lights on the inside!

Time to head over to the lazy river, this is my favorite spot (not so much midday because it becomes over crowded and is not enjoyable) after we wait to find Lazy River Raging Waves | MotherEarth Inc.tubes we jump on and go around a few times before heading out to take on Wild Wallabies. We got to race against each other down these body slides, I won against Cambree and Caden won against Conner (Josh got to be the photographer this time)! Lunch time is just around the corner and that means busy time for food, perfect time to head back to the Cabana and relax. We grab a popcorn bucket to hold us over. while waiting for our food we do a little sun bathing and chill in the Cabana. Neat thing about the popcorn bucket is that it comes with 5 free refills that are good for the entire season. Makes a great snack and isn't heavy on the stomach. We also purchased the souvenir cups and refills are on $.99 cents before tax.

Once our stomachs are settled from eating, its back into the lazy river and ease back into the fun. Next stop, wave pool this is my least favorite sectionCyclone Raging Waves | MotherEarth Inc. of the entire park. Thankfully they do not allow tubes in the pool so you don't have to stress about your child getting stuck or swished by a tube. After hanging out for two rounds of waves it was time to go ride some more slides. Since the Wonambi and Crocodile Mile were so busy we headed over to The Cyclone and Platypus Plunge, the cyclone is like the toilet bowl water slides! After the boys went down each of them a few times it was time to find more slides Cambree could ride.

Off to the little kiddie section of the park filled with three different sections designed for kids of all ages. The have the Koala Kove have a zero depth and four fun slides designed for kids under 42 inches, next you have Quokka-Nut Lazy River Raging Waves | MotherEarth Inc.Island. Just like the Koala Kove but more slides and water features perfect for the little ones. Last but not least is Kangaroo Falls, the perfect kids play section filled with two two story tall water slide, 5 other slides at all levels, a dump bucket and water cannons. We hang out for a few slides but unfortunately the water over at Kangaroo Falls is the coldest in the entire park, and even though it was over 90 degrees, the kids were freezing. It's getting later in the day so its time to get a few more slides and trips around the lazy river before it's time to head home. 

Kids are exhausted, mom and day are ready to be done looks like we had a successful day enjoying Raging Waves water park in Yorkville, IL. Not only is this water park the largest in Illinois it also a giant sand pit so you can bring your sand toys and play in the sand on top of riding slides and lounging in the lazy river. Can't wait till next year so that we can have another Raging Wave outing. Have you been to Raging Wave?

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