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Our Journey

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Hi my name is Channon a mother of three, wife to one and nurse, counselor and caregiver to all. Welcome to my chaotic, frustrating, and complicated, yet simple, rewarding, upside down and inside out life that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Over the past few years life has thrown a few curve balls my way. The necessity to adapt to those curve balls is what drove me to change my family’s lifestyle.

In 2015 my husband was diagnosed with an AVM- Arteriole Venous Malformation in his left occipital lobe causing him to no longer be able to work. A few months after learning about my husband, my youngest son and middle child was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Autism. Not the swearing kind you see in the movies, but the kind where he has motor tics such as rapid eye movements, twitching hands, arms, head, leg and hip. Sometimes he has a vocal tic that sounds like clearing his throat multiple times. Fast forward a few months and I find myself suddenly stricken with anxiety every time I leave the house, extreme weight loss for no reason, my moods were erratic and often I just felt depressed for no reason. I kept thinking I was losing my mind, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me for about 6 months. Finally they found it Hyperthyroidism with Graves Disease. To say that I felt relieved to have some answers would be an understatement. Little did I know that the new found relief would be short lived only to be followed by a lot of frustration and even more questions then I started with.

Skip to March 14, 2017 my 29th birthday. While I was sitting there on my special day wondering what was going to happen next, then in an epiphany type moment it came to me; it was time to become self-sufficient, to stand up and do something that could benefit myself, my family and my planet. It was time to lead by example and take control of my life, MotherEarth Inc. was born. My family and I have put a lot into this foray, financial independence and cleaner living, but the journey has just begun. Now I am inviting you and anyone that is reading this to join us in our journey to a cleaner lifestyle.


Thank You,

Channon Adams

-MotherEarth Inc.

Hello welcome to MotherEarth Journal, I am Channon founder, creator and blogger at MotherEarth Inc. Encouraging you to live the best possible life without destroying our planet in the process! Real talk, honest reviews & educational information. Let's save our planet one swap at a time!

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