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Balanced Breakfast Weekly Menu Idea & Tips

Getting our body ready to take on the day to so many possibilities is asking a big task. While sleeping, our body works to repair muscle, organs, and other cells while chemicals that strengthen our immune system starts to circulate in our blood. The first thing to do every morning is to flush your system out by drinking a full glass of water, also helping to re-hydrate our body. Tip: for drinking water in the morning is to take it slow. If just starting you might feel a little nauseous, but that will pass in a few days after continuing to drink water when you first wake. Another tip is to add the juice of half of a lemon every other day. Discover all the benefits of drink lemon water in the morning has here.

Now let's talk food! Eating a balanced breakfast keeps blood sugar regular, hunger controlled and provides the body with important vitamin, minerals and nutrients needed to keep the mind and body healthy and strong. A lot of the time having a complex breakfast is just not possible, between the kids lunches packed, teeth brushed and ready to go breakfast needs to be fast but balanced. Prep, prep, prep I can not stress enough how much easier eating healthy is when the prep is already done. 

When looking into creating the breakfast menu for the week keep the five food groups close and pick three to consume each breakfast. 

Five Food Groups



Milk & Dairy

Fruits & Veggies

Fats & Sugars

Tip: When creating keep it simple during the week, and one complex on the weekend!

Below you will find an Example of a week of Balanced Breakfast Ideas


Waffles - For optimal health use high fiber and whole grain mix or King Arthur Gluten Free Mix. Follow instructions on the box. (Carbohydrate) Fruit Syrup - This is so easy to make I promise, put fresh fruit in a sauce pan with half to whole juice from a fresh lemon, 1/2 cup or organic cane sugar (coconut sugar works also). Strawberries cut and dice, blueberries can be whole, raspberries or blackberries cut in half. Bring syrup to a boil, stir and reduce heat and simmer till fruit is super soft. Stir often to not burn the bottom. Serve over waffles (Fruit & Sugar) (If spreading waffles with butter Dairy & Fat)


Overnight Oats - I like to use the Natures Path Organic Instant Oats, plus the overnight oats is on the back of the box. Mixing with Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Yogurt and fresh fruit. Make the night before grab in go the next morning! For non-diary replace the yogurt with Almond Milk (Carbohydrate, Fruit, Dairy) (Almond Milk Protein & Dairy)


Eggs (Protein) Organic & Cage Free 

Hard Boiled Eggs - Here's the best way to cook hard boiled eggs. Place the number of eggs in a pan, fill with water to cover eggs completely, bring to a rapid boil, cover and remove from heat. Set a timer for 11-13 mins and walk away. (2-6 eggs, 11 mins 6-12 12 mins, anything over 12 eggs 13 mins) When finished place under cold water to stop the eggs from cooking. Peel and enjoy! Grab a handful of fruit and either yogurt or toast. (Fruit) (Carbohydrate if eating toast) (Dairy if eating Yogurt)

Scrambled Eggs - Crack eggs into a bowl and use a whisk to blend the eggs together. Add in pink salt, pepper and splash of milk(optional), freshly shredded cheese, chopped spinach, tomatoes, green onion, mushrooms or broccoli go well. Adding chopped avocado when finished is so good! (Dairy if adding milk or cheese) (Veggies if using veggies)

Egg Sandwich - Crack an egg in a greased pan, flip once turns white around the yoke. Cook for a few more minutes and then remove from pan. Place on your choice of whole grain or veggie bread. Add a sliced avocado or spinach for added goodness! (Carbohydrate if using bread) (Veggies if using veggies)


Yogurt Bowl - Super easy if you eat dairy! Scoop the yogurt in to a bowl, add your choice of fresh fruit, granola,dried fruit, chia, flax and pumpkin seeds, whole grain cereal, the options are endless. (Yogurt Dairy) (Fruit Fruit) (Granola or cereal Carbohydrate)

Non Dairy Choice - Bowl of whole grain cereal, filled with almond or oat milk and fresh fruit added (Cereal Carbohydrate) (Almond Milk Dairy/Protein) (Fresh Fruit Fruit)


Avocado Toast - At first I was skeptical, but was in love right away. Spread smashed avocado onto slightly buttered whole grain bread, gluten free bread or veggie bread) Sprinkle with a little pink salt, pepper, garlic, everything seasoning, really its what ever you like!  Grab a handful of fruit, scoop a bowl of yogurt or add those two together. (Avocado Veggie) (Bread Carbohydrate) (Veggie Bread) (handful Fruit Fruit) (Yogurt Dairy) (Butter Dairy/Fat)


Quick Oat's - End of the week usually means time to grocery shop so using the remaining fruit you have in hand works great. Going with apples because those always seem to be around at the end of the week. Follow the directions on the container. While the water is boiling peal and core the apple slice and dice. Once the water is boiled add the amount of oats the container calls for along with the diced apples, sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon powder. Cook as directed. Usually ready in under 10 mins! (Oats Carbohydrate) (Apple Fruit) (Brown Sugar Sugar)


Splurge Breakfast! Give yourself a break and grab breakfast to go or go out and sit down for breakfast! 

Once you look at your menu you can then begin to plan your grocery list and plan ahead of time. Have fruit wash and ready to go, put a menu up so your kids are not asking a million in one times:), keep it simple and give yourself a break, you are doing so amazing. Miss a day and get donuts, its OK don't beat yourself up about it. Life is all about balance, same goes with your food, 80 percent healthy, 20 percent real life. If your kids are able to get there own breakfast, place everything on the table and allow them to serve themselves, rinse their dishes and clean up the table. This will give you a chance to get the lunches made and packed! Do you have any more tips you would like to share? Comment below

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