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7 Skin Sins Series Part 1

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Did you know our skin is the largest living organ of the human body. Crazy right? In this three part series I have put together 7 skin skins that you need to stop doing immediately! 

#1 Sun Exposure

Even the best looking tan can be harmful if you're not protected. UV rays still penetrate cloud cover and can be just as harmful as direct sunlight. Too much UV can damage the genetic material in our skin. Over time the skin cells begin to grow out of control which may lead to skin cancer. Use sunscreen everyday all year long!

#2 Hydration (Not drinking enough water is bad for your entire body)

Did you know your skin is made up of 64% water? Not drinking enough water will over time lead to dry skin, wrinkles, acne and poor skin health. Drink 8-8 oz glasses of water a day. If that seems like a lot try infusing your water with fresh organic fruit. Mix it up be creative have some fun! My favorite is kiwi and strawberries.

Those two are great to start doing right now. What is your favorite way to infuse your water? I would love to hear from you. Are you committing any skin skins? Find out skin sins 3-5 next time!

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