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7 Skin Sins Series Part 3

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We have made it to the final two skin sins 6 & 7. If you are just tuning in skin sins 1 & 2 may be found on Part 1 and skin sins 3-5 may be found on Part 2. After you have finished reading this you will have leaned the 7 Skin Sins that you need to stop doing immediately. Are you ready?

#6 Going to Bed with Make-Up on

One time is not going to do harm, but multiple times begins to have consequences. The make-up, dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt from the day sets into your pores clogging them. Over time these clogged pores cause your skin to be unable to breath. In turn your skins pH balance is then disrupted and your skin is unable to absorb the required amount of moisture resulting in blackheads, acne and pimples. If this is a hard skin sin for you try keeping your make-up remover right next to your toothbrush to make it harder to forget!

#7 Forgetting to Clean you Tools

Every time you apply make-up your brushes pick up dirt and bacteria from your skin. When you go to put your make-up on next time your brushes will transfer the dirt and bacteria back on your face. You will not only get clogged pores and bacteria causing acne, but over time you will have a muddy finish. Clean your tools after each use with a daily brush cleaner spray, and deep clean your tools once a week. 

Congratulations on just completing the 7 Skin Sin Series! I hope you have learned what not to do and have started to stop any skin sins that you may have been doing. Out of all of the skin sins, which is the hardest for you to stop? 

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  • So glad that I’m not a culprit of the 7 deadly. I’m a skincare fanatic and I follow all the steps to having great skin and I’m teaching my girls the same rules.

    Candance Young

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