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Organic Isn't Just for Food!

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The Organic lifestyle began for me in 2015 after I have been dealing with Hypothyroidism and Graves Diseases. My thyroid levels were off the charts, I was so very miserable. After many months of feeling so horrible I knew that I didn't want to live like this forever. The hormone replacement medication only would seem to work for a couple months before I was back to the doctor with thyroid levels off the charts again, and being put on different dosage. I knew that this is something I will be dealing with forever, but I knew I had to try everything in my power to find some sort of relief. After many hours of research on the thyroid, I discovered what you eat will affect the thyroid function. I began the next day by only eat organic & gluten free foods. After a whole month of clean eating I started to feel and look better! During that month of clean eating I was no longer putting chemicals, preservatives, GMO, HORMONES, toxins and pesticides into my body. Yes there are unwanted hormones in our food that can affect how our thyroid functions, Crazy Right! Not only was I beginning to feel better from the inside, my skin was starting look like it had life back into it. My thyroid problems have also caused dry, itchy and very sensitive skin. Since I discovered that eating organic had giving me relief, I wondered about organic skin care. For most of us when we hear organic, we think food, but often forget about our skin. I discovered many amazing thing, but the one that hit the hardest was that our skin as a GIANT SPONGE. I myself had never thought of our skin like a sponge, but it most defiantly is. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, therefor reading skin care labels is just as important as food labels. We don't want to inadvertently put harsh chemicals, toxins such as fragrances and dyes and non-organic ingredients into our bodies through our skin. When taking care of our skin we don't want to do more harm than good. Organic Skin Care is jammed with nutrients, gentle enough for all skin types, prevents premature aging, promotes a clearer completion, and provides softer more radiant skin. You can ditch your name brand and switch to MotherEarth Inc. Organic Skin Care providing, Handcrafted Organic Skin Care Products. MotherEarth Inc. only uses all natural, organic, and vegan friendly ingredients, Eco-Friendly packaging and is Cruelty Free. Switch to Organic Skin Care and let your beautiful skin you have been hiding this whole time shine bright! Make your skin the star of the Show!

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