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9 Steps to Achieve the Perfect Exfoliation

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If you are just starting out or just looking to see if you’re scrubbing correctly, you have come to the right place. When you are done reading this you will be an expert exfoliator. Interested in learning why we should exfoliate? Benefits of Exfoliating provides you with exactly that.

Step 1

Purchase an All Natural, Organic Body Scrub, and Body Wash. Always remember to check the ingredients. Less is more especially when it comes to our skin. My favorite scrub I’ve found is MotherEarth Inc. Organic Coconut Coffee & Sugar Scrub. Bonus the aroma from coffee is so amazing! Your body wash should be free from parabens, sulfates, dyes, toxins, or fragrances.   

Step 2

Purchase an Organic sponge or loofah. I have found that using loofah pads works best. Amazon has an Natural Organic Egyptian Loofah for 7.99.

Step 3

Use warm water, not hot. Hot water causes your skin to dry out. We want to add moisture to our skin not take it out!

Step 4

Using a clean spoon to scoop out the scrub keeps bacteria out of your products. Apply to skin in a circular motion working towards your heart helping improve circulation.

Step 5

Allow the scrub to stay on your skin for a few minutes to allow all those beneficial vitamins and minerals to absorb into your skin.

Step 6

Rinse skin until all exfoliants are washed away.

Step 7

Clean your skin with an All Natural, Organic Body Wash.

Step 8

Rinse skin until clean.

Step 9

Pat skin dry with an organic fair trade cotton towel. The Ultimate Green Store has something or everyone.

Now that your skin is glowing and incredibly soft, you have just mastered how to exfoliate. Have fun trying different types of scrubs. Remember rule number one always check the ingredients, less if more especially when it comes to our skin.

Hello welcome to MotherEarth Journal, I am Channon founder, creator and blogger at MotherEarth Inc. Encouraging you to live the best possible life without destroying our planet in the process! Real talk, honest reviews & educational information. Let's save our planet one swap at a time!

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