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Benefits of Exfoliating

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What is exfoliation and is it worth it? This is the questions that almost every women and some men have asked themselves at least once. I have decided to find out as much as I could about exfoliation and how it helps our skin. Let's start with a quick little history about exfoliation.

The act of exfoliating the skin has been used all over the world. Polynesian people used crushed seashells and the people of the Native North American Cammancho tide would use the sand from the bottom of the riverbeds. The Ancient Egyptian would use sour milk because of the lactic acid which was used as a chemical exfoliate. So if exfoliating with rotten milk is for Cleopatra, then I have no problem running salts and sugars on my skin weekly.

Adding an exfoliate into your skin care routine has many benefits, starting with gently removing the layer of dry & dead skin buildup and tricks our skin into thinking it is time to work! The trickery helps your skin renew itself, reduces redness, helps improve micro circulation, reduces fine lines, maintains a healthy complexion and helps prevent ingrown hairs!

I myself have suffered from acne my entire life! The Charcoal Face Scrub made my MotherEarth Inc. has antibacterial properties that helps prevent acne. The charcoal acts like a magnet pulling the dirt and oil from your skin leaving a healthier and complexation. 

Before and after using face scrub -MotherEarth Inc.

If you haven't already, get your favorite scrub and Scrub Away!!

Hello welcome to MotherEarth Journal, I am Channon founder, creator and blogger at MotherEarth Inc. Encouraging you to live the best possible life without destroying our planet in the process! Real talk, honest reviews & educational information. Let's save our planet one swap at a time!

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