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The Beginning 

Our Journey -MotherEarth Inc.Since dealing with Hypothyroidism and Graves Disease since 2015, I defiantly can tell you it comes with some serious dry, itchy and sensitive skin oh, don't let me forget about hormonal acne. After trying many over the counter creams, lotions, scrubs and washes most of the time all they did was dry my skin out even more, causing more irritation or burning to my already irritated skin. After learning that most skin care products at the drug stores contain harsh chemicals, toxins, dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and genetically modified (WHAT) ingredients. I was bound and determined to find relief for my skinOur Journey - MotherEarth Inc.. I was so excited when I created a skin care product that actually gave me relief, and didn't do harm! I fell in love and knew right then and there I wanted to bring handcrafted organic skin care products to everyone. After many hours of research, and long discussions with my husband, MotherEarth Inc. was created. Find out more about my family over on Our Journey Page. 

MotherEarth Inc.

Our Journey -MotherEarth Inc.MotherEarth Inc. is a proud family owned Organic Skin Care Company that was created in June 2017.  We have made it our passion to create skin care products that are safe from harsh chemicals, unnecessary harmful preservatives and free of toxins. Being aware of what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. Your skin absorbs what you put on it, so why put harsh chemicals and toxins into your body? At MotherEarth Inc. we believed the only way to know exactly what is in our products is to handcraft them.

Handcrafting all of our products allows the assurance of knowing exactly what is being put into our skin care products. We only use all natural, certified organic, fair trade certified, non-gmo and vegan friendly ingredients. "If it had a face we don't want it on yours!" At MotherEarth Inc. we hold our ingredients to the highest quality and purity standards. Our name says it all "If it doesn't come naturally form Mother Earth, we don't want it." At this time we are not certified organic, but if an ingredient is available in certified organic that is what we will use.

Being environmentally conscious is MotherEarth About Us - MotherEarth Inc.Inc.'s second passion. We understand that everything we do impacts our planet, our home. With that understanding MotherEarth Inc. is doing everything possible to impact the planet in a positive way. We use green friendly packaging, recycled containers, naturally derived and plant based Ingredients. Our planet will thank you for using MotherEarth Inc..

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-MotherEarth Inc.

Our Journey - MotherEarth Inc.

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