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Natural Face Mask - Chamomile Oats - MotherEarth Inc.
Organic Face Mask - Chamomile Oats - MotherEarth Inc.
Chamomile Oats Texture - MotherEarth Inc.

Chamomile & Oats Clay Mask

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Using our Chamomile & Oat's Clay Mask will feel like you are in a quite, peaceful and relaxing spa. Rhassoul Clay mined from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco, sun dried and untreated has the unique ability to absorb excess dirt and oils, purify your pore's and detox your skin. Non-gmo organic steel cut oat's are used giving a very light exfoliation while organic chamomile powder is added to soothe your dry & irritated skin. Safe for all skin types. This mask comes in a dry powder and will need to be mixed with liquid to create mask!

How to Use:

Do not use metal with this product. Wash spoon before use. Always patch test product before use. Scoop 2 spoonfuls (about 1 tsp) into a bowl. Slowly add your desired liquid* to the bowl and stir until you reach your preferred consistency. If too runny add more product and if too thick add more liquid. Add a little at a time. Apply with clean fingertips or a mask brush to face avoiding your eyes and mouth allowing to rest for 10-15 mins. Place wet warm wash cloth over face to get the mask wet before whipping off. May be used weekly as part of your skin care routine.

*Liquid Choices

  • warm distilled water
  • milk
  • honey
  • green tea
  • white tea
  • aloe vera
  • flower hydrosol


*Certified Organic **Non-GMO & Organic

Rhassoul Clay, Avena sativa (**Steel Cut Oats), Matricaria recutita (*Chamomile Powder), Lavandula Angustifolia (*Lavender, English Flower)

Handcrafted  Cruelty Free  Vegan  Please Recycle 

Shelf Life: 

Best if stored in dark cool place. Keep fingers and water out of product. Keep product closed after using. Best if used within 9 months of opening.

Product sold by Net. Wt.

Please note that samples come in a kraft 1 oz size pouch. 

Please Allow 1- 3 Business Days for Processing

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